Mike Paramore   Owner/Instructor
Kim Paramore  Manager/Instructor
Nydias Rivera  Instructor


Our highly trained staff is there to please you as a customer and a person. The difference between us is that all of the instructors have had to sit in these classes for at least ten years first in order to get certifited as an instructor. Which means that we know what you really need and how you feel. Most of the instructors for other companies have only sat in a CPR and First-Aid once or twice maybe. One time I had a class and the instructor sat down filling out paper work while we were practicing on the manikins and we did not know if we were doing it right or wrong. That was one reason why I have so many manikins so that everyone can practice as a group and I can watch you and make sure you understand what you are doing. We make sure that we watch you practice so that you fill comfortable doing CPR on any victim. If there is a victim that you are not sure about we will work with you on that victim until you are comfortable and that makes all of the difference in the world. When you practice there will be other people practicing with you so that you will not feel like everyone is watching you. We have been in the bay area for many years. We have traveled all over the state of Florida.  We are there to make sure that you understand any class that we take you. Our classes are not solely based on your test scores, but also how you preform in class. You can receive credit hours for any class that you take if you need them. All of our class and our instructors are OSHA certified. Best of all we have plenty of references if needed.